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White House Industry Conference Explores New Tech Solutions to Further Boost War Support for Ukraine

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The Biden administration convened a meeting with executives of venture capital firms on Monday to explore new technologies to help Ukraine in its war against Russia. During the conference, National Security Council members met with representatives from defense technology companies, which included Palantir, Anduril Industries and drone manufacturer Skydio.

According to an administration official, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan initiated the meeting for a renewed drive to help Ukraine hurdle technological challenges inhibiting its “progress and momentum on the battlefield.”

One of the administration officials in the conference disclosed to reporters that the meeting’s focus included unmanned aerial systems and demining technologies.

The officials pointed out that any support for Ukraine would be restricted if Congress does not approve President Joe Biden’s request for a $100 billion supplemental aid package, which includes about $50 billion in new security assistance to the country. The supplementary support is in addition to the December U.S.-Ukraine agreement to fast-track weapons co-production and data sharing.

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