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Lockheed Martin Australia Appoints Antonia Marzulli as Operations VP

antonia marzulli

Antonia Marzulli, former Synergy Group Australia CEO, has rejoined Lockheed Martin as vice president for operations in Australia, according to the company’s post on LinkedIn on Monday.

Marzuli spent over six years with Lockheed in the United States, most recently as strategy and business development principal until she left in 2015, according to her LinkedIn profile.

In announcing the appointment, Lockheed cited Marzuli’s 28-year work experience and leadership in operations management and business development.

While based in the United States, Marzuli also worked for 13 years in GlaxoSmithKline, with senior business operations specialist, international operations and business effectiveness as her last job posting in the company.

As Synergy Group Australia CEO, her responsibilities included strategy implementation and direction in delivering professional services for defense and federal government customers in Australia.

Before Synergy Group, Marzuli worked for over two years as an IBM partner for hybrid cloud transformation, handling government and public sector clients across Australia and New Zealand.

She also previously headed Leidos’ project services in Australia for over three years, with portfolio management and information, communications and technology among her responsibilities.

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