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Hughes Boulnois Transitions to Vice President of Zephyr High-Altitude Drone Program at Airbus


Hughes Boulnois has taken on a new role at Airbus. 

According to his profile on LinkedIn, he is now vice president overseeing the high-altitude surveillance and communications drone program Zephyr.

He will report to the executive vice president of air power (military air systems).

Zephyr is a solar-powered drone capable of flying at an altitude of about 70,000 feet for several months. It can carry out surveillance missions or temporarily deliver communications at a specific location.

Boulnois previously served as vice president of Airbus’ A400M customers program management, where he led the implementation of profit and loss efforts and secured contracts to export Atlas tactical airlifters to Kazakhstan and Indonesia.

He joined Airbus in 2006 as a chief engineer.

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