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Accenture Expands Cybersecurity Capabilities With 6point6 Acquisition

Accenture Expands Cybersecurity Capabilities With 6point6 Acquisition

Accenture further expanded its footprint in cybersecurity following the completed acquisition of the U.K. technology consultancy 6point6, which specializes in cyber, cloud and data solutions.

The newly acquired company, which operates from London and Manchester, brings in about 400 technologists to service clients’ needs, Accenture said in announcing the finalized deal on Wednesday. It did not reveal the terms of the acquisition first reported in November.

According to Accenture’s website, the company has spent more than $2 billion on average annually in acquisitions over the last five years to drive company growth in new and emerging opportunities.

In October, Accenture also announced its acquisition of MNEMO Mexico, which employs 229 cybersecurity professionals and holds 180 cybersecurity industry certifications. The Mexico City-based managed cybersecurity services company has clients in various industries including telecommunications and banking.

Morphus, a Brazilian cyber defense services provider, was another acquisition in 2023 that expanded Accenture’s presence in Latin America. Based in Fortaleza in northeastern Brazil, Morphus has offices in Recife, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Santiago, Chile.

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