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Sweden-Denmark Pact Aims at More Armored Vehicle Donation to Ukraine

Combat vehicle 90

The defense ministers of Sweden and Denmark signed a letter of intent in Copenhagen on Monday to extend further support to Ukraine via a donation of additional Swedish-made Combat Vehicle 90s

Sweden donated 50 CV90s to Kyiv in early 2023 and signed a preliminary agreement with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in August for the production of the armored vehicle in Ukraine, according to Defense News.

Under the Swedish-Danish pact, Denmark will initially contribute $264 million while Sweden will oversee CV90 procurement through the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration, which established a Ukrainian tie-up in July.

Swedish Minister for Defence Pal Jonson said Sweden will use its industrial competence to ensure the delivery of the CV90s, which have become “an important addition to Ukraine’s defense.” 

Under Sweden’s 14th military aid package announced recently, the country allocated $155 million in assistance to Ukraine and plans to supply JAS 39 Gripen combat aircraft to Kyiv.

A Danish defense ministry announcement in September said it would extend $833 million of military aid to Ukraine within a three-year timeline, Defense News also reported.

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