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Intelsat Shifts to $50B End-to-End Connectivity Market

Intelsat Shifts to $50B End-to-End Connectivity Market

A satellite industry market shift has prompted Intelsat’s strategy reboot from a bandwidth supplier to an “end-to-end provider of seamless and secure satellite-based network solutions to government and commercial customers globally,” CEO David Wajsgras said.

Speaking at an investor day event on Thursday, Wajsgras said that the satellite industry has grown from its estimated $12 billion to $15 billion wholesale bandwidth market five years ago to the current $50 billion satellite connectivity market.

Market players who “can execute and deliver end-to-end connectivity” will win in this new industry, he stressed.

Key to Intelsat’s end-to-end connectivity service delivery is its partnership with OneWeb, a low-Earth orbit operator owned by Eutelsat.

The Intelsat CEO, a seven-time Wash100 winner, maintained that the company is competitive in a market disrupted by SpaceX’s Starlink LEO broadband constellation.

In head-to-head matchups, Wajsgras said Intelsat is “winning against LEO providers,” identifying commercial aviation, government, mobility and networks as its growth markets.

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