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Australian Troops Join International Partners in Global Cyber Defense Readiness Activity

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Australian cyber defense experts collaborated with counterparts from the United States and other international partners during the International Coordinated Cyber Security Activity. 

The INCCA is hosted by the U.S. Cyber Command to strengthen global cybersecurity posture and improve cooperation with international partners through real-time information sharing between participating units. 

The Australian Defence Force’s Defensive Cyber Operations teams deployed under Headquarters Joint Operations Command participated in the exercise. Air Force Cprl. Luke Rattray oversaw intelligence reporting for HQJOC. 

According to Lt. Col. Jordan Norrish, cyber planner for HQJOC, international partnerships are critical to improving cybersecurity.

“Cyberspace is an increasingly dynamic environment where malicious cyber actors attempt to exploit the networks, data and critical infrastructure the joint force relies on,” he said.

“By synchronizing and sharing the activities, we help further our collective defense, enhance our capacity and strengthen cybersecurity measures.”

Able Seaman Blair Zorzetto, a member of ADF’s Fleet Cyber Unit, commented that the activity enabled participants to sharpen their tactics, techniques and procedures.

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