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Spain Inks Purchase Contract for Airbus’ SIRTAP Drones

Spain Inks Purchase Contract for Airbus’ SIRTAP Drones

The Spanish defense ministry has signed a contract for the purchase of Airbus’ tactical SIRTAP unmanned aerial systems. An Airbus press release issued on Wednesday said the purchase order calls for the delivery of a total of nine UAS, with each composed of three unmanned aerial vehicles, plus one ground control station. 

The ministry said it expects the UAS to be in service by 2026, with Airbus aiming flight tests for SIRTAP’s prototype in 2025.

According to Airbus, SIRTAP features over 150 kilograms of payload and an advanced design for surveillance, intelligence and reconnaissance. The drone’s maximum range is over 2,000 kilometers, while flight endurance is more than 20 hours. The concept offers flexibility and rapid response suited for day and night missions in challenging environments, it added.

Jean-Brice Dumont, Airbus Defence and Space head for military air systems, said “SIRTAP will be fully developed in Spain, integrating national capabilities,” but noted that because of the UAS’ versatility, Airbus expects the aircraft to be a key player in the international market.

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