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KBR Helps Develop Cognition Analytica Cyber Tool for Australian Defence Force

KBR Helps Develop Cognition Analytica Cyber Tool for Australian Defence Force

KBR is investing in the development of Achilles, a bespoke cyber terrain mapping tool from software developer Cognition Analytica, to improve the cyberworthiness of the Australian Defence Force. Cognition Analytica is a veteran-owned small business based in Brisbane.

According to KBR, Achilles can be applied to major military operating systems for better cyberworthiness visibility. Cyberworthiness, like sea- and airworthiness, assesses the cybersecurity of military systems and other technologies. It ensures that a capability can survive adversary actions in the cyber domain.

“Achilles combined with KBR’s existing cyber capabilities means that we can not only better identify threats but also provide rapid, robust and cost-effective advice to mitigate threats and maintain the integrity of the platform,” said Nic Maan, vice president of government solutions for Asia Pacific at KBR.

Achilles can improve the cyberworthiness of systems in use across the ADF by rapidly analyzing the threat environment of defense platforms using the latest algorithms and data assessment techniques.

The Royal Australian Navy, in partnership with KBR, recently demonstrated the capabilities of Achilles on board a warship.

Australia is in the process of strengthening its cyber warfare capabilities. In 2022, the government announced $6.3 billion in funding over the next decade for Resilience, Effects, Defence, Space, Intelligence, Cyber, Enablers to ramp up the military’s capability to conduct offensive cyber operations. 

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