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Germany and Israel Finalize Arrow 3 Acquisition

Germany and Israel Finalize Arrow 3 Acquisition

German and Israeli officials, led by Israel Ministry of Defense Director General Eyal Zamir, have signed a final agreement for Germany to acquire the Israeli-manufactured and U.S.-developed Arrow 3 missile defense system.

In its announcement via social media, the Israeli Ministry of Defense valued the deal at about $3.6 billion and described the signing as a milestone, concluding a process that began when Defense Minister Yoav Gallant visited Germany in late September.

Prior to Gallant’s visit, the ministry disclosed the U.S. government’s approval of the purchase in August. Senior defense officials later signed a letter of commitment providing for a $600 million allocation to kickstart the project.

The Arrow 3 system is designed for intercepting exo-atmospheric ballistic missiles. The ministry said its first operational interception destroyed a target aimed at Israel from the Red Sea region during the ongoing Swords of Iron war against Hamas.

According to The Times of Israel, Arrow 3 will form part of the German-led European Sky Shield Initiative to boost continental Europe’s air defenses in response to Russia’s Ukraine airstrikes.

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