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Elbit Partners With Romania’s CN Romarm to Produce ATMOS Howitzers Artillery

atmos howitzer

Elbit Systems has partnered with S Uzina Automecanica Moreni, a subsidiary of state-owned CN Romarm, to increase artillery production in Romania.

The companies have signed a cooperation agreement that will establish the Romanian Artillery Center, which will bolster the domestic industrial base and create the foundation for a stronger sovereign artillery production in the southeastern European nation.

Other Romanian companies will contribute to the upcoming center of excellence. Among the industry players under consideration to participate are Systematic, IOR Optics Company Bucharest, Simultec SRL and ELMET International SRL. 

The agreement also encompasses the production of Elbit Systems’ 155 mm ATMOS Advanced Mobile Howitzers. Romarm and UAM will serve as system integrators of ATMOS.

Through the partnership, the two companies aim to meet the demand for 155 mm Howitzers from the Romanian military and other European armies.

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