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Elbit to Equip Canada’s New Refueling Planes With Missile Shield

Elbit to Equip Canada’s New Refueling Planes With Missile Shield

Airbus Defense and Space has awarded Elbit Systems a five-year contract for the installation of Direct Infrared Counter Measures and Infrared Missile Warning Systems on Canada’s Airbus A330 Multi Role Tanker Transport refueling aircraft.

Elbit did not disclose the value of the contract it announced Monday but noted that the missile protection systems have been used on dozens of platforms, accumulating hundreds of thousands of flight hours

In July, Airbus secured the deal to supply Canada with four A330 MRTT aircraft. Valued at about $2.2 billion, the contract also includes converting five used A330-200s to strengthen Canada’s continental defense. The new aircraft tanker fleet will replace the Royal Canadian Air Force’s aging CC-150 Polaris.

According to online magazine SP’s Aviation, the DIRCM that companies such as Thales supply is designed with a jamming laser to provide a 360-degree missile shield for its host aircraft.

Oren Sabag, Elbit Systems general manager for intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance and electronic warfare, said the Airbus award validates the market leadership of Elbit’s advanced defense solutions. The company’s DIRCM Self Protection Suite will “bolster the security and operational advantage of the platforms and crew,” he added.

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