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US, France to Fund Collaborative Research on Quantum Information Science

Quantum information science and engineering research

The National Science Foundation is seeking quantum information science and engineering research proposals from teams of American and French researchers as part of a recently signed memorandum of understanding with the French National Research Agency.

Researchers should submit their proposals to the NSF Directorates for Biological Sciences; Computer and Information Science and Engineering; Engineering; and Mathematical and Physical Sciences. The directorates oversee various NSF research programs and are interested in topics including quantum effects in biological systems, the mathematical foundations of quantum computing and the development of new quantum algorithms.

Proposals submitted to any participating NSF program should follow their respective program due dates for 2023. For programs that accept proposals at any time, the submission deadline is Dec. 15, an NSF Dear Colleague Letter stated.

The NSF, which will serve as the program lead agency until June 30, 2024, will provide funding to the U.S. part of approved projects while the ANR will support the French part of the research efforts. It is expected that ANR and NSF will alternate as the leading agency on an annual basis.

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