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Oshkosh to Offer Manufacture 2030 GHG Monitoring Platform to Top Suppliers

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In a bid to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions and reach its sustainability goals, Oshkosh has entered a strategic partnership with Manufacture 2030. 

Under the partnership, Oshkosh will offer the Manufacture 2030 platform to its top 300 suppliers. 

According to the Wisconsin-based vehicles and equipment company, an estimated 75 percent of its supply chain emissions are generated by its suppliers. 

“Manufacture 2030 is a key program for Oshkosh to help us measure and reduce our supply chain emissions effectively and to make progress towards achieving our sustainability goals,” said Kevin Tubbs, the company’s chief ethics, compliance and sustainability officer.

Manufacture 2030 is a digital platform that guides companies of all sizes to make changes that will lead to greenhouse gas emissions reduction. It provides data, tools and support that will enable organizations to measure and manage their carbon footprint. 

Oshkosh is the first purpose-built vehicle manufacturer to become a Manufacture 2030 partner. 

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