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US Launches Emerging Technology Summit With Five Eyes Partners

emerging technology

Representatives from the Five Eyes intelligence partnership have traveled to Palo Alto, California, to launch the first-ever Emerging Technology and Securing Innovation Security Summit.

The aim of the summit, hosted by the FBI, was to provide an avenue for business leaders, entrepreneurs, government officials and academics to discuss trends and threats related to emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing and synthetic biology.

“The FBI is committed to working with our Five Eyes and industry partners to continue to protect emerging technologies both from those who would steal them and those who would exploit them for malicious purposes,” FBI Director Christopher Wray said in a statement ahead of the summit.

The summit was to feature a fireside chat hosted by former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice with Wray and his Five Eyes counterparts.

During the discussions, Mike Burgess of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, David Vigneault of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, Ken McCallum of MI5 and Andrew Hampton of the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service will speak about emerging technologies trends and threats within the countries they represent.

The intelligence leaders will also meet with business leaders to establish private-public partnerships and figure out how to protect innovation while championing national and citizen safety and security.

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