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Cyber Analysis Center Beefs Up European Digital Domain’s Shield


The European Commission’s continuous cyberattack risk monitoring of the digital infrastructure in Europe can now be accomplished via the continent’s first cyber analysis center, U.K. aerospace, defense and security company Leonardo announced Tuesday. 

The facility is part of a $20 million project that the EC’s DG Connect awarded to a consortium comprising Leonardo and Spanish transport, air traffic and defense company Indra.

The center has begun operations virtually, while a physical center in Brussels will be established next, with Leonardo’s regional center there to provide support.

The facility’s capabilities include real-time cyberthreat analysis, identifying potential threat actors, possible attack modes, and likely cyberattack targets and their online weaknesses. It draws, compiles and analyzes terabytes of data from various online sources, such as websites, social media and the deep/dark web.

Leonardo said its supercomputing infrastructures managing the center’s knowledge base can carry out 5 million billion operations per second.

The center also provides interoperability with all European entities tasked with cyberthreat analysis to ensure full risk awareness and strengthen Europe’s cyber crisis response.

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