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Switzerland Hosts Industrial Security Working Group Conference in Zurich

Multinational Industrial Security Working Group

Switzerland hosted the 2023 plenary meeting of the Multinational Industrial Security Working Group as chair of the collaborative body. 

The event in Zurich from Sept. 11 to 15 saw more than a hundred participants from over 30 countries.

The United States attended the plenary through representatives from the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency’s Industrial Security Directorate, including International and Special Programs Operations Chief Richard Stahl. He attended the MISWG meeting to help oversee and manage rules for U.S. businesses working with foreign governments, foreign contractors and NATO on behalf of the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy.

“The MISWG provides a unique opportunity for the United States to build on those relationships with 36 plus partner nations and a forum to shape the face of industrial security globally to further enhance our national security as we move into the future,” said Stahl.

The international, nongovernmental MISWG was formed in 1986 to establish common standards and procedures around classified information involving industrial security and shared under non-NATO multinational defense programs. Besides the U.S., members of the working group include NATO states except Iceland, as well as Australia, Sweden, Austria, Israel and Switzerland.

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