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Russia-Linked Ransomware Group Attacks UK Private Security Firm

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Zaun, a British company that provides perimeter fencing products to military and intelligence sites, has been hit by a ransomware attack.

In a statement published on its website, Zaun said the LockBit ransomware group launched the attack through a computer running the Windows 7 operating system and software for a manufacturing machine, allowing LockBit to download about 10 GB of information, comprising less than 1 percent of the company’s stored data.

Zaun’s cybersecurity software prevented the group from encrypting and transferring more data, but the stolen information was published on the dark web. According to Zaun, leaked data may have included old emails, orders, drawings and project files. “We do not believe that any classified documents were stored on the system or have been compromised,” it added. 

The company is currently working with the United Kingdom’s National Cyber Security Centre and Information Commissioner’s Office to address the cyber incident.

In its June cybersecurity advisory on LockBit, the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency said the group operates a ransomware-as-a-service model involving the recruitment of affiliates to conduct attacks using LockBit ransomware tools and infrastructure but with varying tactics, techniques and procedures, making network security and protection challenging for system defenders. 

A report from The Independent said the group has links to Russian nationals, while Flashpoint, an intelligence platform for cyber risk management, said the group claims to be based in the Netherlands and its actions are not politically motivated.

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