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Poland Boosts Naval Strike Capability With Kongsberg Missiles Worth $1.49B

naval strike missile

Norway’s Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace has won a $1.49 billion contract to supply Poland with four Naval Strike Missile Coastal Defense System squadrons.

Both land- and sea-based platforms can launch the NSM fifth-generation strike missile, for delivery to or already in use in 12 countries. It was initially developed for the Norwegian Navy.

The NSM deliveries will carry forward to the 2030s.

The contract also calls for Kongsberg’s training and technical support for Polish personnel to maintain the systems on home soil. The company made the announcement at the MSPO international defense tech expo in Kielce on Tuesday.

In a statement, Kongsberg President and CEO Geir Haoy said the new Polish deal is the largest the company has made in its history. He emphasized that Poland’s unwavering commitment to defense capabilities, in light of the changing security situation in Europe, provides Kongsberg with a predictable environment in which to invest and expand its capacity to meet the country’s defense requirements.

The purchase follows Poland’s acquisition of NSM capability in 2008, the first Kongsberg contract for the system outside Norway. The Polish armed forces added another squadron to the system in 2014.

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