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NATO to Conduct 5G Technology Tests in Latvia Site

5G technology in Latvia

NATO’s Supreme Headquarters Allied Commander Transformation has signed a memorandum of understanding with Latvia’s Ministry of Defence to allow member nations to use a 5G test site in the municipality of Adazi.

Allied Command Transformation, which serves as the alliance’s military command, previously used the test site in late 2022 to conduct an operational 5G experiment. In that activity, ACT integrated augmented and virtual reality software into 5G mobile telecommunications technologies.

The new agreement covers current Alliance research and development initiatives, including the use of VR and AR, unmanned vehicles, sensors and applications over tactical 5G. NATO also wants to test the potential to use 5G to deliver telehealth services to military personnel.

“In signing this agreement, NATO will have the opportunity to validate new concepts and develop requirements in an operational environment that will support NATO’s digital transformation and multidomain operations ambitions,” said Vice Adm. Guy Robinson, chief of staff of NATO ACT.

The experiment will commence around the latter half of October.

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