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L3Harris to Build Underwater Surveillance Capability for Australia

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L3Harris Technologies will provide an undersea asset tracking field to the Royal Australian Navy under a $210.29 million contract from Defence Australia.

The company said work on the contract, which falls under the third phase of the SEA1350 Maritime Underwater Tracking Ranges program, includes delivering undersea warfare capabilities to help Australian Defence Force assets better track underwater threats.

Additionally, MUTR ensures Australia’s readiness by protecting its maritime boundaries and vital sea routes.

The underwater surveillance capability, to be developed in Western Australia, will support anti-submarine warfare and deep ocean and littoral test and evaluation of surface and sub-surface assets over the next decade. Equipped with sensors, the tracking range will enable the RAN to locate vessels and monitor their movements.

In a statement, Alan Clements, corporate vice president and Australia country executive at L3Harris, stressed the company’s commitment to lending its expertise in Australia’s efforts to refine its underwater tracking range capabilities.

“This is an important competence now and into the future as we continue to modernize and enhance maritime platforms and systems,” he added.

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