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Israeli Company Smartshooter Establishes Subsidiary to Support Australian Defense Needs

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Smartshooter subsidiary Smash Australia has received interest from Australia’s army and special operations command for its products designed to counter ground targets and small unmanned aircraft systems.

The subsidiary showcased its products at the Army Robotics eXposition in Perth, on invitation by QinetiQ, which has integrated Smartshooter’s Smash Hopper remote-controlled weapon station into the Talon Sword ground robot.

Lachlan Mercer, the director of Smash Australia, said that while Smartshooter has been doing business in the country for years, it created the subsidiary to show its intent to support Australia’s defense requirements, including having the capability to deploy robots prior to soldiers.

According to Smartshooter’s website, Smash Hopper provides the capability to engage ground targets and drones remotely. It can be mounted on a tripod, fixed mast, surface vessel and vehicles, combined with counter-UAS electronic disruptors, or integrated into a command and control system for operators to hand off or receive targets across existing communications networks.

Mercer said having a local footprint provides opportunities for partnerships in Australia that would help position Smash as a “viable member of the Australian defense industry team.” He noted that his company focuses on securing Land 159 and Land 125 contracts from the Australian Defence Force. Under the Land 125 program, Smash Australia is proposing its Smash Situational Awareness system and a remote weapon station for unmanned ground vehicles, Breaking Defense reported.

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