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Chertoff, Exiger Pool Capabilities Versus Foreign Pressure on Federal Supply Chains

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The Chertoff Group, a security and risk management consultant, said it has partnered with software-as-a-service company Exiger to provide federal contractors with solutions to manage the risk of foreign ownership, control, or influence in their supply chains.

The tools that Exiger will contribute in the tie-up include supply chain mapping technologies and strategic FOCI risk analysis, Chertoff disclosed in a press release Thursday.

The security adviser said it will bring into the partnership regulatory support, national security market expertise and guidance in complying with Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States rules.

The partnership would cater to clients most exposed to FOCI risks, such as federal government suppliers, industries most vulnerable to sanctions and companies selling mission-critical technologies, critical minerals and materials, it added.

According to Chertoff, the federal government has recently focused on FOCI risk, with pronouncements that include President Biden’s executive order on technology and products from countries of concern.

Exiger CEO Brandon Daniels said in a statement announcing the strategic partnership that federal contracts now have “to do a lot more than simply purchasing a risk dataset” under the new regulated environment.

The company is pleased with its latest collaboration, added Carrie Wibben, president of Exiger Government Solutions, noting how it offers “a comprehensive solution that combines AI technology, automated intelligence and informed expert advice.”

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