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US Approves $12B Apache Helicopters Sale to Poland

ah-64e apache helicopter

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency said Monday that it has moved to notify Congress of the Department of State granting approval of a possible $12 billion helicopter sale to Poland.

The proposed sale includes 96 AH-64E Apache attack helicopters plus Hellfire missiles and Hellfire captive air training missiles, Joint Air-to-ground Missiles and Stinger missiles.

The approved deal also covers related equipment, such as rocket and missile launchers, pilot night vision sensors, fire control radars and missile warning systems. Boeing and Lockheed Martin are the principal contractors of the Polish purchase, DSCA said.

Defense News reported that Boeing will produce the Apache helicopters in Mesa, Arizona, while Lockheed Martin in Orlando, Florida, will supply the major systems, including night vision sensors, JAGMs and Hellfire missiles.

Poland will not have difficulty adopting Boeing and Lockheed Martin equipment into its deterrence strategy, according to DSCA.

The Apaches will be initially deployed to the Polish army’s 18th Mechanized Division, whose American-made Abrams tanks are expected to work well with the aircraft, Polish Minister of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak said in a statement.

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