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US Okays $104M Lockheed Martin Missile Sale to Japan

f-15j fighter

The Department of State has approved Japan’s purchase of up to 50 Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missiles with Extended Range and associated equipment from Lockheed Martin for an estimated $104 million cost.

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency on Monday notified Congress of the approval, saying the proposed deal will support U.S. foreign policy and national security goals and improve Japan’s defense capability against adversaries.

The Japanese missile purchase is bundled with JASSM Anti-jam Global Positioning System Receivers and training missiles, as well as engineering services from the U.S. government and its contractor.

According to DSCA, Japan will have no difficulty accommodating JASSM into its armed forces, providing advanced, long-range strike capability to Japan Air Self-Defense Force aircraft such as the F-15J fighter.

Reuters reported in February that Japan was ready to spend $1.6 billion for Tomahawk cruise missiles to boost its counterstrike capability, just two months after the pacifist nation unveiled a five-year $320 billion military buildup plan.

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