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North Korea’s Failed Spy Satellite Launch Defies UN Resolutions, UK Envoy Says

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The United Kingdom’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations James Kariuki has called North Korea’s failed spy satellite launch on Aug. 24 as “yet another grave violation of UN Security Council resolutions.”

The ambassador, who delivered the remarks during a council meeting on Friday with North and South Korean representatives present, criticized the action as a “brazen effort” of the regime’s military expansion program.

Kariuki dismissed as baseless North Korea’s allegation that the satellite attempt was a reaction to provocation brought by military exercises ongoing in the region, pointing to Pyongyang’s long-established plan and significant scientific and technological investments in the program. He stressed the importance of a Security Council response to the development and similar incidents, saying all member states are Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty signatories and have a commitment to full implementation of its resolutions.

The ambassador also urged North Korea to stop its satellite launchings, engage in dialog anew, and take credible denuclearization and peace initiatives in the Korean Peninsula.

According to a Reuters report Thursday, the North Korean space agency is planning another satellite launch for October. The recent failed attempt, which was also condemned by Japan, South Korea and the United States, triggered local emergency alerts in Japan’s southern Okinawa region.

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