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Rafael Wins Multiyear Maintenance Contract From Asian Nation Customer

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Israeli company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has secured a multiyear contract to provide maintenance support for an unnamed Asian government customer’s naval operational systems. The contract has an estimated value of $27 million.

Under the deal, the Tel Aviv-headquartered defense company will ensure that the customer’s Typhoon and Mini-Typhoon remotely controlled naval weapon stations are operating in optimum condition. Rafael will also provide maintenance support for the Naval Spike ER and non-line-of-sight missile systems, electro-optical surveillance systems and electronic warfare integrated decoy systems employed by the customer’s navy. 

Rafael supplies the Typhoon family of weapon systems, Spike ER and NLOS electro-optically guided multipurpose missiles and IDS to militaries around the world under its Naval Combat Suite. 

The award follows a multiyear agreement Rafael signed with the Israeli Ministry of Defence in 2022 to support its navy’s Typhoon remotely controlled weapon stations. The Philippines’ navy also recently integrated the full naval suite, including the Typhoon Mk30-c and Mini-Typhoon RCWS, into its FAIC-M/SHALDAG MK5 vessels.

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