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NZ Eyes Increased Pacific Presence Under New National Security Strategy

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New Zealand will increase information sharing with its partners in the Pacific and create a new Pacific national security and intelligence coordinator role as part of its newly released strategy that aims to address security challenges and establish a greater presence in the region. 

The National Security Strategy was published along with a Defense Policy Strategic Statement and the Future Force Design Principles – the first two parts of the country’s defense review, Breaking Defense reported. 

In support of the strategy, the DPSS calls for the integration of information from partner nations to develop a common operating picture that would enable a better understanding of regional issues for enhanced decision-making.

According to the DPSS, a state’s establishment of a persistent military presence is one of the main concerns in the region.

The documents did not identify China as a regional threat but the DPSS noted that the country is using all the instruments of national power, which include diplomatic, intelligence, informational and legal tools, to challenge international rules and norms.

The DPSS, meanwhile, warned that increasing strategic competition among countries may impact other regions, including the Antarctic, which is seen as a potential location for military and security-related activities. 

Wellington aims to prevent increased security threats to other regions through the deployment of combat capabilities. The FFDP, however, noted that the New Zealand Defence Force is not equipped to respond to the challenges associated with the growing strategic competition.

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