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Grooming the Next Generation of GovCon Leaders

They have alternately been called slackers, technology wizards and “trophy children” with an overabundance of self-esteem. Like it or not, twenty-somethings — often referred to as Generation Y — will eventually become the leaders of the workforce. Accordingly, government contractors are making their best effort to attract, retain and develop these new recruits into the...


Springboard: Experiences that Launched Careers

Each government-contracting executive has a story — an experience that changed their professional aspirations, or paved the way to their current position. From working with the DoD general counsel to serving as a Navy attorney, GovConExec talked to a handful of high-level executives and uncovered some of the pivotal career choices that best prepared them...


Cyber Schools: Solving the Human Capital Crisis in Cybersecurity, GovCon and Academia Together

In the fifth domain of warfare, only a strong army of cyber warriors can safeguard U.S. networks and systems. But without an adequate number of skilled cybersecurity professionals, the digital infrastructure remains exploitable to hackers and nation-state enemies. Now, government contractors and academia are joining forces to help solve one of the most-pressing human capital...


HR 2.0: Tapping Technology to Find New Talent

Gone are the old days of placing “Want” ads in the Classifieds section of a newspaper to find new employees—today’s recruiters in government contracting are tapping technology to find the best and the brightest to join their corporations. Before the advent of the Internet, recruiting efforts often consisted of posting ads in local and national...

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