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Pentagon Issues Cyber Defense Guidebook for US Allies, Partners

The U.S. Department of Defense has released a guidebook for international partners to share information on strengthening cybersecurity measures and command, control and communication modernization capabilities. “Standards Guide for Foreign Partners 2023,” issued on Wednesday, also covers the cloud structure and complementary domains, including artificial intelligence and data. The document’s contents are unclassified, readily available...


Redcom Taps Australia’s MicroSecure to Bring Tactical Command and Control Solutions to Pacific Region

New York-based Redcom Laboratories has partnered with Australian company MicroSecure to extend the market reach of its tactical command and control solutions to government and military customers in the Pacific region, including the Australian Defense Force. The partnership grants Melbourne-based MicroSecure, a cyber and security consulting firm catering to the government, defense and intelligence sectors,...


North Korean Hackers Launch New Global Espionage Campaign, Cybersecurity Researchers Say

Cisco Talos has uncovered a new cyber hacking campaign it has named “Operation Blacksmith.” Its researchers traced the activity to the North Korean Lazarus Group, regarded as an advanced persistent threat for its malicious cyber activities. The company said the hackers target the vulnerabilities of manufacturing, agricultural and physical security enterprises around the world using...


NATO Selects Boeing E-7A to Replace Aging E-3A Early Warning Fleet

NATO has selected Boeing’s E-7A Wedgetail as its new command and control aircraft.  In a press release, the security alliance said a “consortium of allies” approved the acquisition. The next-generation E-7A aircraft will replace NATO’s aging E-3A Airborne Warning and Control fleet, which has been in use since the ’80s. It is a militarized version of...

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