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Redcom Taps Australia’s MicroSecure to Bring Tactical Command and Control Solutions to Pacific Region

New York-based Redcom Laboratories has partnered with Australian company MicroSecure to extend the market reach of its tactical command and control solutions to government and military customers in the Pacific region, including the Australian Defense Force. The partnership grants Melbourne-based MicroSecure, a cyber and security consulting firm catering to the government, defense and intelligence sectors,...


BAE’s F-35 Aircraft Maintenance Facility in Australia Gets Investment Boost

The Australian government has more than doubled its investment in BAE Systems Australia’s F-35 Lightning II aircraft maintenance facility in Hunter Valley, New South Wales, signing a Stage 2 facility services deed with the company. The funding, worth $75.4 million, is in addition to the $68.6 million that Canberra initially committed in 2022 to the...


Australian Troops Join International Partners in Global Cyber Defense Readiness Activity

Australian cyber defense experts collaborated with counterparts from the United States and other international partners during the International Coordinated Cyber Security Activity.  The INCCA is hosted by the U.S. Cyber Command to strengthen global cybersecurity posture and improve cooperation with international partners through real-time information sharing between participating units.  The Australian Defence Force’s Defensive Cyber Operations teams deployed...


BAE Systems’ Laser Scanning Tests Show Model 3D Pipes May Streamline Hunter-Class Frigate Development

BAE Systems Australia said on Thursday that weeklong tests of its laser scanning solution to form 3D models of pipe components of Hunter-class frigates indicated that the technology can help streamline the development of the Royal Australian Navy’s Anzac class replacement.  The Hunter warships are set to be built by ASC Shipbuilding at the Osborne...


Australia Seeking Partners to Develop New Tech for Enhanced Military Ops, Data Processing

Australia’s Advanced Strategic Capabilities Accelerator is looking for potential industry and research partners to support its mission of developing new technologies to advance the country’s defense capabilities. ASCA said it requires innovative solutions and skills to boost how the Australian Defence Force conducts military operations and data processing. The collected input will inform efforts to...


Defense Allies Meet in Berlin to Discuss Advancing Space Collaboration

The Department of Defense attended the Combined Space Operations Initiative Principals Board meeting in Berlin, Germany, where participants discussed opportunities to advance operational cooperation and information sharing in space. The event brought together top defense officials from the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. For the 2023 edition, CSpO...


Australia Developing Intel Cloud Interoperable With US, UK Spy Networks

Australia is working on a top secret intelligence cloud system that would be interoperable with the United States and the United Kingdom. According to Andrew Shearer, director general of the Office of National Intelligence, the upcoming cloud infrastructure would function with the spy networks operated by Australia’s AUKUS partners. At an event hosted by the...


Australian Bill Seeks to Tighten Military Tech Transfer to Non-AUKUS Foreigners

Richard Marles, Australia’s minister for defense, has introduced in Parliament proposed legislation to tighten the transfer of military technology to foreign interests except AUKUS allies the United States and the United Kingdom. Marles filed the Defence Trade Controls Amendment Bill 2023 ahead of his U.S. visit to attend the AUKUS Defense Ministers’ Meeting in California. The...


AUKUS Could Involve More Countries in Efforts to Integrate Emerging Technologies Into Military

Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States are mulling the possibility of welcoming the contributions of other countries in Pillar 2 of their AUKUS security partnership. AUKUS has two lines of effort: Pillar 1 is focused on aiding Australia to acquire nuclear-powered submarines while Pillar 2 will explore the integration of emerging technologies in military...


Australia Pushes for Seamless Tech Sharing Among AUKUS Allies

The Australian Ministry of Defence has published draft legislation that seeks to make it easier for Australia and its AUKUS allies the United States and the United Kingdom exchange information on advanced technologies. The bill’s summary reveals Australia’s agenda of establishing an export license-free system to support industry, higher education and research advancements among the...

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