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The U.S. Navy has granted General Dynamics Electric Boat, a General Dynamics business unit, a contract modification worth $1.07 billion. The contract aims to provide long-lead-time material and advanced construction for Virginia-class fast-attack submarines.

Currently engaged in constructing submarines under Block V of the class, Electric Boat will use the funds to procure crucial materials and major components in advance for hulls 812 and 813. Kevin Graney, the company’s president, highlighted the significance of this contract modification, saying the contract modification serves as a demand signal to the submarine industrial base. Graney added that the contract enables their suppliers to increase their capacity and purchase materials needed to boost production volume.

The Virginia-class submarines are meticulously designed to meet the wide range of mission requirements in the 21st century, encompassing anti-submarine and surface ship warfare and special operations support.

Working in tandem with Newport News Shipbuilding, a division of HII, Electric Boat constructs the Virginia-class submarines for the U.S. Navy. The submarines demonstrate the Navy’s and the industry’s joint commitment to enhancing efficiency while maintaining capabilities. The company achieves the objective through a multi-year procurement strategy, ongoing improvements in construction practices, and cost-reduction design changes, Electic Boat said.