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Engineering company ENSCO has announced its acquisition of KLD Labs Inc. in an equity purchase agreement. Under the terms of the deal, KLD will operate as a subsidiary of ENSCO while continuing to offer its services and solutions to customers.

KLD builds real-time railway measurement systems for railways worldwide, including wayside inspection and laser profiling technology.

The acquisition combines the expertise of both companies to offer customers unmatched automated inspection capabilities in the rail transport industry.

ENSCO President Jeff Stevens highlighted the unique position that the integration of KLD Labs with his company provides to offer the latest innovations in track and wayside inspection.

“Coupled with our vehicle/track interaction capabilities, the ENSCO and KLD Labs team will offer the first comprehensive condition assessment technology suite for railways, paving the way for unprecedented levels of safety and efficiency,” added Stevens, an Executive Mosaic 4×24 member.

KLD Vice President Dan Magnus also enumerated the advantages of stability, certifications, technical support and industry expertise that the partnership brings to clients.

The collaboration also ensures “KLD Labs’ legacy of providing reliable and innovative measurement technology,” he added.