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Professional services provider Deloitte has launched a new end-to-end space services practice. The unit will build on Deloitte’s 15 years of experience in advising government and commercial clients on coordinating, integrating and executing their space-related aspirations.

The services on offer will cover the provision of strategic advisory and assurance services and the deployment and operation of space systems. Access will also be given to a network of advisors, technologists and scientists, Deloitte said.

Deloitte Space will provide clients with access to a rapidly growing space sector. The space economy has grown by over 60 percent in the last decade, fueled by a maturing commercial launch industry and the proliferation of satellite services in low-Earth orbit.

Nishita Henry, chief innovation officer and principal at Deloitte Consulting, noted the emerging opportunities for companies due to investments being funneled to space-related initiatives.

The space economy is worth about $400 billion today and it is expected to grow to over $1 trillion by 2040.

For Shalini Bhatia, also a principal at Deloitte Consulting and leader for technology, media and communications at Deloitte Space, her organization will work to turn that “$1 trillion opportunity into what could be an even larger opportunity,” adding that “space could disrupt nearly every industry as we know it today.”