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Technology startup Istari has unveiled a platform that works to facilitate collaboration in digital engineering. Although product details are limited, Will Roper, a former Air Force assistant secretary and co-founder of Istari, said his company seeks to enable the creation and refinement of technology through digital means. The platform is meant to bring to software-enabled physical systems what collaboration tools brought to software development, Istari said.

Roper established Istari in 2022 with digital engineering expert Chris Benson. The company quickly raised $13 million in a seed round that saw participation from Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, who has expressed enthusiasm for the platform’s potential to bring “internet-type usability to models and simulations”.

The company has since gained market traction, securing nine government and commercial contracts in as many months. It had also recently moved to a waiting list for new partners and is in the process of recruiting new employees.