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Alexandria, Virginia-based advanced technology and artificial intelligence/machine learning services company End to End Enterprise Solutions announced that it has completed the acquisition of D2K Technologies. The move is expected to improve E3S’s leadership, product offerings, and customer base in AI/ML and autonomous systems, driving greater scale and revenue growth. 

E3S CEO Esteve Mede said the combined company is poised to take advantage of growth opportunities in the AI/ML markets with long-term prospects.

The acquisition triples the number of intellectual properties offered to customers to six and provides customers a single source of advanced technologies, such as custom computer programming, model-based engineering, intelligent autonomous systems, Agile software development, and big data analytics, E3S said.

D2K’s AI team will help E3S to develop new innovative services and contribute to the development of digital twin technologies. 

The founder of D2K, Maria Walker, stated that the acquisition will benefit both companies, as E3S can gain from D2K’s small footprint while D2K appreciates E3S’ management style and the attention it gives to its workforce. 

Mede said the transition process has been mapped out and is designed to minimize disruptions to services.