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Quantum Computing Inc. has launched a new subsidiary that would provide clients in the defense and government sectors quantum solutions in the fields of advanced manufacturing, supply chain management, workforce development and others.

Quantum Innovative Solutions, based in Arizona, is a wholly owned subsidiary led by Sean Gabeler. With 30 years of experience as a Special Operations officer and a track record in operations and applied technology, Gabeler said the new company has “unique capabilities” that can be used to develop various applications for government agencies. He added that QIS will be able to provide “real-world quantum capabilities to the government customer.”

Among the products and services that QIS intends to provide its customers are entropy quantum computing solutions, quantum communication and quantum sensing technology, and custom software for services, QCI said.

Robert Liscouski, CEO at QCI, said there is a “tremendous potential” for the company’s market-ready quantum solutions. The new subsidiary was created “specifically to address the unique requirements of this market.”

The selection of Arizona as the headquarters for QIS stemmed from the state’s status as a leader in the field of optics as well as its early recognition of the importance of advanced photonic research, Liscouski said.

The launch of QIS marks a strategic expansion for QCI into the government and defense market, and the company anticipates that its solutions will soon be utilized in a wide range of boutique applications for its clients.