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Executive Mosaic is glad to introduce Lockheed Martin CEO Marillyn Hewson into the 2017 edition of the Wash100 — the Most Influential Voices in government contracting — that represents her third consecutive induction.

Lockheed completed in August the spinoff of its former information systems and global solutions business and the estimated $5 billion unit subsequently merged into Leidos Holdings to create the largest pure-play government services company at $10 billion in sales.

For Lockheed, that move came almost nine months after its $9 billion acquisition of the Sikorsky helicopter business to further position the company in large aerospace and defense programs along with the addition of a commercial rotorcraft footprint.

That refocus has also included an increased emphasis on international sales, which Hewson said in October were on track to exceed the company’s goal of 25 percent of overall revenue.

Lockheed has raised its goal of international sales content to 30 percent “in the next few years” with the F-35 fighter jet and missile defense programs key components of that strategy, she told investors then.

“When you think about the backlog that we’ve also been building over time, 30 percent of our backlog is international today. So we’ve got a lot of quality booked business that will come in toward those international sales,” she added.

Hewson met with President Donald Trump in January to discuss the F-35 program after his criticisms of the jet’s costs on Twitter and she subsequently told reporters inside Trump Tower the contract for the next batch — Lot 10 — will include price cuts.

That contract for the program’s 10th batch of planes will also “thousands more” jobs at the Fort Worth, Texas production facility and across the U.S., she added.

In late January, the Trump administration announced Hewson as one of 28 CEOs of large corporations that will advise the Trump administration on the president’s Manufacturing Jobs Initiative that aims to spur domestic employment growth.

Lockheed reported $47.2 billion in revenue for 2016 to register a 17.5-percent increase from the previous year and expects to report 2017 sales of $49.4 billion-$50.6 billion.

Forbes magazine listed Hewson 24th in the publication’s 2016 list of “The 100 Most Powerful Women in the World” to lift her 39 spots from the prior year’s ranking.