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McAfee plans to rollout security solutions for the Internet of Things in collaboration with parent company Intel and California-based Wind River, provider of embedded software for intelligent connected systems.

The security firm’s purpose-built plan leverages its more than 20 years of experience securing information technology in various digital environments toward what Michael Fey, worldwide chief technology officer for Intel Security, termed as “enabling the future.”

“Security needs to be built in as the foundation of the Internet of Things,” Fey said Wednesday.

“Any disruption to these IP connected devices can cause damage to the business and our daily lives,” he added.

The strategy recognizes the importance of security in a world where everyday objects—cars, industrial sensors, household appliances—are linked online and therefore potential hacks.

The company cited an IDC report forecasting over 200 billion “things” would be connected within a span of six years, which leaves more than a dozen IoT devices per person on average.

Fey said the key is to have the foresight to design-in security onto these IP connected devices.

“We need to have foresight into what is coming so we can prevent against threats and securely manage these devices,” he concluded.