Jeff Bohling of General Dynamics Information Technology on Tackling Challenges, Empowering People & Thinking as an Engineer

ACTIAClogoOn March 4, the American Council for Technology revealed the more-than-30-leaders from across the public and private sectors that would serve as executive partners for its Industry Advisory Council.

The ACT-IAC’s announcement noted that these leaders will “pair up in preparation for future roles in senior executive service and corporate executive officer positions.”

“The differentiator of the program is that each government and industry participant is paired with their counterpart to engage in thoughtful dialogue and training throughout the year,” added Kay Ely, the 2014 Partners Program government chairwoman.

jeff-bohling(Alphabetically) leading off the list of industry participants was Jeff Bohling (left), who joined General Dynamics Information Technology after helping transition Pearson Government Inc. into Vangent and elevating to lead Vangent’s national security and civilian operations.

Bohling filled ExecutiveBiz in on some of the leadership and management qualities he’s learned from mentors and on-the-job experience.

“If you are faced with this big challenge, big project or big issue you just try to break it down into smaller, more manageable parts,” Bohling noted. “It really boils down to the people that you hire after that. I had a mentor once tell me that if you hire the right people and you empower them, everything else will take care of itself.”

Bohling would go on to note that he moved to the business side of things after a “pretty good career” with technical responsibilities. As such, at his “roots,” his core thinking remains in engineering.

“In the end, since I’m still an engineer at heart I like to build things and so I consider the evolution to building a business, just as a natural next step. My heart might still be in engineering, but the whole idea of building a business, building a team to execute that business is just a natural next step in that whole process.”