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chenelleNew Accenture research reveals that veterans who work in the same career field as their military service tend to have higher salaries.

The survey of 1,000 employed and unemployed veterans found that 74 percent of those who are in the same position in their civilian jobs as they were in the military earn at least $50,000 annually, compared to 43 percent for those who’ve changed fields, Accenture said Thursday.

The survey said there is a need for veterans in transition to be coached and trained so that more of them can land a job that matches their skills or experience.

Thirty-six percent of unemployed veterans polled admitted they were unsure how to make the transition, and a further 30 percent were at a loss as to where to start looking for vacancies.

AccentureLogo1-Ebiz“The reality is that many former members of the military are having a hard time searching for a civilian job and there is a clear need for greater support and training programs from the private sector,” said Joe Chenelle, head of the defense and intelligence agency business at Accenture.

The 69 percent of  veterans surveyed who said they took up further training or studies after separating from the military were employed, which underscores the need for further training and education.

According to Stephen Rohleder, CEO for the health and public service group at Accenture, there will be an additional 260,000 veterans added to the civilian workforce in the next four years and they face a growing unemployment rate.

“This challenge is addressable if the government and companies work together to match veteran skills with employer needs,” he said.