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Big data, analytics, mobilie and other technologies are entering schools in the U.S. as startup incubators work to help education-oriented businesses, Cisco’s technology news site reported Sunday.

Anne Field writes that businesses are working to develop tools for students to handle schoolwork and also to help parents, teachers and school administrators carry out their jobs.

“There’s a realization that technology can dramatically affect educational outcomes,” said Tim Brady, founder and partner of educational technology startup accelerator Imagine K12.

California-based Imagine K12 has helped start Eduvant, which developed a tool to compile and analyze data for teachers and superintendents to manage the classroom and the school.

MommaZoo, which also operates out of Imagine K12, made an app to work as a repository for homework assignments, schedules, reminders, contact information and directories for communications between parents and teachers.

Verificient Technologies developed a method for using  knuckle scanners, video analytics and facial recognition tools to verify the identify of test takers.