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NGA Director Letitia Long Ushers in New Era for the Agency; Barry Barlow Comments

Lelitia Long took over as director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency in 2010 and set out to change the way the imagery agency conducted its missions and acquired new technology, according to a Trajectory Magazine article. Matt Alderton writes that she introduced a five-year strategic plan known as “NGA Strategy 2013-2017” meant to lessen the distance between those who...


Military Looks to Industry for Electronic Warfare Tech

U.S. military agencies have in recent months awarded contracts for technologies and services related to electronic warfare as warfighters increasingly rely on tools that contain computer chips and process data, J.R. Wilson writes for Military Aerospace and Electronics. Wilson traces the history of electronic warfare back to the 1800s, when military forces sought to cut...


SAS Symposium Tackles Local Govt Analytics Work

SAS was to host a symposium at its headquarters on Thursday with municipal officials and analytics professionals in North Carolina to discuss company’s work with local government customers . Cary, N.C. used SAS analytics tools to automate its processes for governance, public service, law enforcement, real estate, economics and other areas, SAS said Wednesday. John Brocklebank, vice...


IID White Paper Tackles Cyber Threat Info Sharing

Threat intelligence data company IID has compiled a white paper from interviews with public and private sector executives on the current state of information sharing. “Sharing the Wealth, and the Burdens, of Threat Intelligence; Why Security Experts Must Unite Against Cyberattacks, and What’s Stopping Them from Collaborating More Effectively” details the three threat collaboration as proactive measures, incident response...


Contractors to Promote Cyber Careers at STEM Forum

Several of the country’s largest cybersecurity contractors will promote careers in that field at an event scheduled for Oct. 8 in Baltimore to promote science, technology, engineering and math education. Executives from those companies will attend Cyber Ideation Day, where students get to see careers in digital forensic analysis, threat management, data science, technology management...


Whitney Vickrey of GCE Addresses Common Cloud Migration Beliefs

Whitney Vickrey, chief service officer at GCE, has outlined several common beliefs customers have on migrating to a cloud-based environment and how providers are working to address each opinion, which she calls misconceptions. Vickrey told ClickSoftware in a blog post published Sept. 17 that customers’ chief concerns have always centered on the areas of data security and...


Jack London Pens Book on Character-Driven Success

Jack London, CACI International executive chairman and chairman of the board, has published a new book called “Character: The Ultimate Success Factor” The retired U.S. Navy captain based the book on his experiences at home, at work and in the military to explore how a person’s character determines one’s accomplishments, CACI said Monday. “Character is a unique...


Cisco to Present Big Data Strategies, Ideas at Dubai GITEX

Cisco will showcase its big data initiatives for Middle East businesses at the GITEX Technology Week in Dubai next month, AMEinfo reported Tuesday. The company likens big data’s potential to what oil has contributed to economic transformation, business efficiency and quality of life. Cisco believes value value in big data can be found in distilling,...


Biotechnology Defense Firms to Serve Commercial Sector

Biotechnology companies that have previously exclusively sold drugs and vaccines to the federal government are diversifying their businesses to include commercial products, according to a Washington Post article. Steven Overly writes the value of such firms lag compared to commercial counterparts and the defense biotechnology firms are looking to change this. In an example of...


LexisNexis, Atlantic Council Develop Guide for Businesses to Advocate ‘Rule of Law’

LexisNexis and the Atlantic Council have compiled an initial draft of the “Global Rule of Law Business Principles,” a list of guidelines intended to help businesses take action toward advancing the rule of law and raising awareness of impacts. The organizations will work with the United Nations to develop a global approach for the business community to...

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