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ChuckHagel4The Defense Department will cut the amount of furlough days civilian employees will receive this summer from 11 to six, according to a DefenseOne article.

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said other ways were found to make the cuts mandated by sequestration.

“The terrible economic harm and injustice that has already been done to the 650,000 DoD civilians who should have never been furloughed has yet to be addressed,” said AFGE National President J. David Cox Sr.

“I am calling on Secretary Hagel to take immediate action to reimburse the furloughed employees for the six days of income they have lost.”

The order affects 650,000 civilians who began being furloughed July 8 and faced up to 22 days of unpaid leave before the end of this summer.

If sequestration continues next year, the DoD would need to cut $52 billion.