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Looking back over the three years that GovConExec magazine has been published, we can trace the arc of a market that has never stopped moving—and we’re excited about how this magazine has kept ahead of that movement.

U.S. government contracting is a sector like none other, combining the skills and talents of executives from business, government, defense, IT and more. Executives dedicated to growing a strong enterprise and serving the largest customer in the world. It’s local, it’s global; it encompasses complex regulatory adherence and stunning creative innovation. It’s focused both on billion-dollar deals and the health of one returning veteran.

Our goal three years ago was to provide intelligence in a way that is as unique as this environment is. When readers tell us we’re a “must read”, as some have recently, we know we’re on the right track.

GovConExec is a uniquely targeted, independent publication that fills a vital need in a vital industry. We’ve been able to be ahead of trending issues such as the cloud, insider security threats, and the new C4ISR. But what ultimately sets GovConExec apart is its deft way of bringing the people at the executive level in this industry into the equation—their voices, personalities, and expertise.

In each issue, we both drill down and look ahead to discover the issues that will be shaping GovCon in months to come. We go straight to high-level executives at the top GovCon companies to create a magazine of leaders speaking to leaders. Accuracy, ethics, diversity, and objectivity are key to the process.

Our early premise for the magazine was that print media steps outside of the 24-hour news cycle to get perspective and allows a depth that well serves our target readers. Senior-level executives can count on our daily news blogs under the Executive Mosaic publications banner to stay on top of the day-by-day changes in the sector. But it’s the magazine that provides the big picture.

Our circulation growth has validated that premise and is one measure of our success. But our true benchmark is whether we’ve sparked new ideas for you and your companies—and, ultimately, better services for our nation.

What’s next? Once again, you can find out right here. In this issue, we offer an overview of Big Data, how harnessing it in new ways can impact government and defense—and the strategies of companies that provide federal services. And considering the highly active transactions scene in GovCon, we decided to add an outside expert column from the investment banking ranks to provide an M&A perspective, beginning this issue.

Finally, in our CEO Profile, we think you’ll get as much out of spending some time with Deloitte Federal Services CEO Robin Lineberger as we did: the popular CEO Profile traces the life and career of an executive who is as enthusiastic about innovative technology as he is about jumping on his bike to help out a good cause.

Whether you’ve been reading for three years, or this is your first issue of GovConExec, we welcome your comments, responses, and ideas. Email us at:


Jim Garrettson, Publisher


Gerry Simone, Editor-in-Chief