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A Culture and a Calling

From his years in the Air Force to his leadership with the Cloud2 Commission, Deloitte Federal Services CEO Robin Lineberger advances strategy through his practical management of far-reaching innovation There is a type among Washington government contractors for whom the commitment to public service is so ingrained that it’s a given. It’s not usually something...


MOBILITY + SECURITY Meeting the Challenge

  As mobile devices proliferate, efficiency and employees are the winners. But security remains the top priority in the federal environment. Here’s how GovCon companies are bringing these sometimes competing needs together. Listen to many of those who know the federal mobility environment, and the old expression “closing the barn door after the horse is...


Building Bridges

Hard work, education, and embracing change set the foundation for CGI U.S. president George Schindler’s collaborative leadership style. He gets a glint in his eye when he talks about increasing company capabilities through cross-pollination. In the fast-changing global IT world he inhabits, George Schindler drives innovation, in large part, through a form of relationship building...


Capital Markets: Managing Through the  Tunnel

Despite Market Uncertainties, Play to Win, Not Just Survive! Business decisions like many others are a balance of risk and reward.  As financial types like us often say, uncertainty equals risk and risk is neither good for deals nor valuations. In today’s GovCon market and the broader overall economy there is plenty of uncertainty and...


20 Health IT Leaders to Watch

People Power Behind Revolutionary Change in Field For more than five years, GovCon firms have helped federal agencies achieve efficiencies and cost savings and respond to some of the nation’s most pressing concerns through health IT solutions. Big data analytics are just one example—supporting government program managers in their mission to counter fraud, deliver patient...


Beyond the Crystal Ball

Advances in Predictive Analytics Bring Opportunities for Efficiencies and Insights The U.S. Air Force’s Medical Home program includes more than 1.2 million patients. Soon, Air Force researchers will be able to identify those who will be most likely to end up in the emergency room with a diabetes-related crisis in the next two months. Better...


Geospatial Re-draws the Map

NGA director Tish Long reviews advances in integration, mobility, and changing agency strategy Changes in shape and scope have been the new normal at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, from a new East Coast headquarters for GEOINT to new information architecture. Just as the agency’s overarching 2013-2017 strategy was being released, its director, Letitia A. “Tish”...


Essential to the Mission

GovCon contracts executives offer leaders vital support in today’s federal contracting world. Contracts executives craft the terms by which companies both win and execute jobs. They develop contracting policies that mitigate risk and balance regulatory requirements with customer demands and resource realities. Without them, there would be no business. How do contracts executives see this...


Jerry McGinn: The LPTA Mindset

Jerry McGinn serves as a specialist leader in Deloitte’s Department of Defense consulting practice and wrote this piece exclusively for GovCon Exec. The quest for short-term savings may lead to greater performance risk, inferior quality, and higher lifecycle costs. Given the fiscal pressures facing the U.S. government, it’s natural and appropriate for agency purchases to fall...


FedTech Soundoff

In this section in each issue, industry experts share thought leadership on the latest innovations and developing technology and how to manage it. So far, 2012 has seen rapid advances in technology and policy for government contracting companies, particularly in the areas of cyberspace rules of engagement, the effects of FISMA updates, and the success...

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