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Brave Old World

Identity Management and biometrics have been around longer than you think, but technologists and GovCon execs say the multimodalities in its future could be even more promising than its illustrious past. Students of biometrics often turn to the pages of science fiction to explain the rise of such technology as fingerprint scanners, face recognition software...


The Dimensions of GovCon M&A Deals

Government-contracting firms are bought, sold and merged on an almost monthly basis, but the details, decisions and forces driving mergers and acquisitions are often left entirely behind the scenes. To truly understand the gears that consummate a successful transaction, one has to start at the beginning — with the buyer. “The Right Time…The Right Price”...


Step into the Cloud!

What a difference a few years make. In the fall of 2007, Google Federal’s Mike Bradshaw held a group presentation before several dozen federal chief information officers. On tap for discussion was cloud computing and ways it could help government agencies better manage data and lower IT costs. The response that day was swift. “I’m...


Next-level Cloud: A Strategic Guide for CTOs

Delivering on the promise of cloud computing takes more than a few applications hosted on a cloud. Here, five CTO leaders share their top priorities for ensuring their cloud offerings stay competitive. From CapEx to OpEx budget model. “We’re seeing different models come out where some agencies say, ‘Not to exceed this limit,’” said Susie...


Cloud Control

When U.S. CIO Vivek Kundra last year unveiled his plan for federal IT reform, cloud computing took a prominent place on the agenda. Obama’s cloud crusader promoted cloud computing as a fix for government waste and as a method to spur innovation, not just in science and technology, but in every industry and at a...


Vint Cerf on ‘Data Liberation’ and a ‘Pivotal’ 2011

By Vinton G. Cerf, VP, chief Internet evangelist, Google 2011 may prove to be a pivotal year in several dimensions. It is anticipated that the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers will have allocated all of its remaining IPv4 address space to the Regional Internet Registries by end of March or sooner. This places...


C4ISR Takes Hold

After the first dusts in Iraq and Afghanistan settled, the United States was left to struggle in a costly day-to-day grind against enemies short on funding but well-stocked with deviously simple plans of attack. One particular lesson America learned during this challenging period has been taken to heart by the Defense Department and government-contracting community:...


Sharing the Pain & the Gain of a Multimillion-dollar Contract

Defense acquisition chief Ashton Carter’s plans for procurement reform center around sharing risk on big contracts. But, in sharing the pain and the gain, does it strike the right balance, or does it need tweaking? Prologue: A New Era Defense observers recognize it’s a new era for defense acquisition, ushered in by the necessity of...


Grooming the Next Generation of GovCon Leaders

They have alternately been called slackers, technology wizards and “trophy children” with an overabundance of self-esteem. Like it or not, twenty-somethings — often referred to as Generation Y — will eventually become the leaders of the workforce. Accordingly, government contractors are making their best effort to attract, retain and develop these new recruits into the...


Breakfast of Champions: Execs’ Favorite Breakfast Places

Lee Cooper, vice president of business development at Raytheon, said Hyatt Market Street, in Reston, Va., is his favorite business breakfast restaurant. “It is always a treat to breakfast there, as you are likely to bump into a friend, teaming partner or competitor that you haven’t seen in a while,” he said. Along with the...

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